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Workshop: Does your organization have a platform strategy for conversational AI?

Tuesday, October 8th 2019

12h45 – 17h


A hands-on introductory training where attendees will be able to bring their laptops and build their own intelligent bots.

By 2021, 15% of all customer service interactions will be completely handled by AI, an increase of 400% from 2017.  As the conversational AI imperative becomes clear, organisations need to identify a strategy for success.

With only 4% of enterprises having deployed conversational interfaces but 38% planning to or actively experimenting (according to a recent Gartner survey), this market is set for growth. But as Gartner has noted, not all AI-driven conversational solutions are equal.

This workshop will give CIOs and their teams the grounding needed to shape a conversational AI strategy for their enterprises. It will be a perfect opportunity to network with your peers in a relaxed environment and learn how to put conversational AI strategies in place.

The first section of the workshop will provide an overview of the current conversational AI landscape and will highlight some key elements to consider when selecting an enterprise-ready platform that can support a long-term strategy and scale together with the company needs.

The second section will be a hands-on introductory training to a leading conversational AI platform where attendees will be able to bring their laptops and build their own intelligent bots. All attendees will be offered the possibility to join the Teneo Developers program and enjoy free 90-day access to a sandbox environment of Teneo Fusion for a team of 5 developers.



12:45 pm: Registration and welcome coffee

1:15 pm: How to select a Conversational AI platform?


Dominic Sancto, Independent CAI Consultant

Building on the last 10 years’ experience in AI and helping a selection of companies to exploit the opportunities that various branches of Artificial Intelligence provide. Working with several clusters of high performance, expert teams in a blend of rapid prototyping and agile methodologies to build extraordinary conversational bots and other AI-based products that deliver solid results quickly.

2:15 pm: Coffee break

2:30 pm: Getting started with your own Conversational AI bots.


Lucas Willering, Solutions Architect at Artificial Solutions

With almost a decade of experience in conversational AI, Lucas has a natural ability to identify the customer needs and to close the gap with meaningful solutions. He works in the innovation and community team at Artificial Solutions and is in charge of the Teneo Developers program. He also enjoys presenting at international AI events.

Paul Broekhof, Head of Education and Training at Artificial Solutions

Paul has trained thousands of conversational AI consultants and developers during the last 7 years. He loves teaching and sharing experiences with professionals from different cultures. He is in charge of the training program at Artificial Solutions and is an expert of all the Teneo Platform ecosystem. He enjoys travelling and facilitating workshops for customers and partners.

4 pm: Beer, Snacks & Networking

5 pm: Event ends


Who should attend:

  • CIOs from large enterprises looking at setting a conversational AI strategy and their teams.
  • Limited seats.
  • Registration required.